Artificial Intelligence

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hot. Studies predict that by 2025, 95% of all customer interactions will be powered by AI. My first company in the Internet space was a website “hosting” company. Back in 1995 we began offering web site hosting. I used to tell business owners “by 2015 95% of companies will have a website” Of course most business owners thought I was just a salesperson making up a story. BUT the ones who listened and built their first website with us back in 1995 are now leaders in their space. We signed up thousands of small businesses back in 1995-2000 and many of them are incredibly successful… Today I am busy telling business owners “incorporate AI Chatbots into your website NOW!” The sooner you take advantage of this new technology the better your chances are to beat the competition and grow your business.

If you learn anything from Refine.ai I hope it is to select a bot today, optimize and refine your sales and support and crush your competition, grow your business and be a leader in your field. I hope you choose Refine.ai but whether you choose us or you choose another company get started now, incorporate AI Chatbots for your website today!

Grow your Business

AI Chatbots are simply the future when it comes to communicating with your customers. Did you know that your customers spend 90 percent of their time on mobile devices? Mobile users want information and answers at lightning speed. AI Chatbots can deliver those answers in a fast and intelligent way. Your ability to enhance your site’s customer experience via AI Chatbots will boost customer acquisition, support, and retention while reducing personnel costs. There is a reason industry leading platforms are investing millions in AI Chatbot technology. Refine.AI can assist you in delivering real time support, at scale, for next to no cost.

About Refine.ai
What comes to mind when you think of a door-to-door salesman? Or, a car salesman? I’m going to guess terms like “phony” or “artificial” come to mind. Now contrast that with something as basic as your Netflix or Amazon subscription. The words phony and artificial probably aren’t considered when a movie or product suggestion pops up on your phone? In fact, it’s the opposite. We trust that these accounts, curated with information about us, are actually qualified to make recommendations and influence our viewing or purchasing decisions.

Netflix and Amazon recommendations are one of the most basic examples of the use of artificial intelligence (aka machine learning) in marketing. So if all of the buzz around this topic has left you wondering whether AI is something to be feared or embraced in inbound marketing, I would pose the following question: What if AI could actually make your marketing efforts LESS artificial and MORE intelligent? Enter Refine.ai… Our team of Engineers, scientists, Neural Programmers and marketing experts come together to help your business lead the way into this new world of Artificial Intelligence

Our Helpful CHATBOTS

Hi, my name is Matt and I am a digital chatbot. I provide answers fast, I never make mistakes, I say exactly what I am told to say. In certain situations a male chatbot can outperform a female chatbot. Just think about whether your customers would prefer to speak to a male or female and you can always change and test each.

Digital Matthew

Hi, my name is Jessica and I am a digital chatbot just like Matt. My answers are fast, and accurate… Studies have shown that female chatbots can get up to 33% increased response rates compared with male chatbots.

Digital Jessica

Hi, my name is Jim, I can become your human-like “Virtual Sales rep” or a “Virtual Support Rep” we have a list of personas to use but the bottom line is “Human Jim” takes much longer to type responses, makes TYPPO”S during conversations, and otherwise can perform with very human like virtues (and flaws) Some of our clients like to use Virtual Sales Reps who seem human (and can seamlessly pass customers onto actual humans anytime during the process). Anyway check out “Jim”

Human Jim

Hi, my name is Debbie, as your Virtual Human my persona can be a mom, young professional or even a grandmother providing advice. Like all of my Virtual Humans we type slower, make spelling mistakes and much more. Plus in certain circumstances we tend to deliver better sales and customer support than the “Digital versions” Anyway check out our “Human Debbie” bot.

Human Debbie

Our Features

Optimizing Your Customer Experience

Customer Acquisition

Delivering fast and intelligent support is essential to customer acquisition. Your customers are more likely to click through to purchase when they receive the information they need to buy with confidence.

Customer Retention

Customers in today’s online marketplace give businesses only one experience to impress. If the experience is negative, you can lose customers to your competitors. If a request is more complex, AI Chatbots can redirect the customer to an agent. This provides a well-rounded and efficient customer experience.

A complete "Plug And Play" Chatbot Solution

– You can have your “Virtual Sales” and “Virtual Support” team live on your site within 30 days.

– Once live you have the ability to make edits on the fly. If you see an issue or problem in your “chat flow” anyone can fix it in minutes.

– At anytime during a customer chat our bots can seamlessly transfer a client to a live agent when necessary.

– Analytics- You will receive analytics about every single response from your users. You can export the data for deeper insights into your customers

Customer Service

AI Chatbots are your first line of support for customer service requests. You can streamline your customer service by allowing AI Chatbots to handle simpler, less crucial customer requests with an intelligent, personal touch.

Reduce Personnel Costs

AI Chatbot technology can reduce your personnel costs by nearly 50 percent in some cases. Allowing AI Chatbots to field simpler customer requests will cut down on personnel. This frees up your customer support agents to assist with more complex issues in a more efficient and effective way.

Natural Language Processing

Easily add Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines wit.ai and api.ai for any advanced use cases.

Integrate With Your Backend

Look up your backend at any time in the conversation to expand the bot capabilities. Also, have your backend call Refine.ai to perform any type of function required

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Artificial Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way since coined by world renowned computer scientist and Stanford researcher John McCarthy in 1956. From the Turing Test to chatbots, AI is the science and engineering of developing intelligent computer programs for intelligent machines.

Is AI a Single Mechanism?

AI is not a single mechanism, simply because intelligence involves a variety of mechanisms. Leading research in AI encompasses multiple mechanisms via computer programs to deliver impressive and impactful performances. The programs themselves are considered “somewhat intelligent.”

How Can Human and Computer Intelligence be Compared?

When comparing human and computer intelligence, Arthur R. Jensen, a leading researcher in human intelligence says it best. Jensen explains, “As a heuristic hypothesis that all normal humans have the same intellectual mechanisms and that differences in intelligence are related to quantitative biochemical and physiological conditions.” Computer intelligence involves both short-term and long-term memory with the speed and accuracy found in human intelligence.

Does AI Aim to Put the Human Mind in the Computer?

There are researchers that would support this objective. However, human intelligence involves peculiarities that are still unknown. The theory of placing a human mind in a computer via AI would need to wait until the true potential of human intelligence is fully understood.

When Will AI Reach Human-Level Intelligence?

Some believe that AI has in some instances come very close to reaching human-level intelligence. This requires a variety of computer programs to accomplish. The research is ongoing, but the complexities of human intelligence are still to be discovered. Only time will answer this question.

What is Intelligence?

Intelligence is in short, the ability to perform and achieve goals. People from all walks of life possess different degrees of intelligence, and intelligence also extends to animals, and now machines.

Does AI Simulate Human Intelligence?

The process of developing AI mechanisms is not solely based upon human intelligence. AI researchers can develop computer programs through human observation. However, much of the research done in the science of AI involves studying the problems people face, rather than the study of actual people. The variety of methods used to develop AI programs encompasses many facets of problem solving.

How Does Program Design Effect AI?

Sometimes but not always or even usually. On the one hand, we can learn something about how to make machines solve problems by observing other people or just by observing our own methods. On the other hand, most work in AI involves studying the problems the world presents to intelligence rather than studying people or animals. AI researchers are free to use methods that are not observed in people or that involve much more computing than people can do.

Is Human Intelligence and Intelligence Defined Separately?

Presently, human intelligence and intelligence is all balled up into one “intelligence.” However, once computational procedures are characterized, and humans understand all mechanisms of intelligence, the separation will become clearer.

Do Computers Possess IQ like Humans?

Unfortunately for AI researchers, computers do not possess IQ like humans. IQ is measured by intelligent growth over a period of time. The measurements involved in an IQ test simply don’t apply to AI at the moment. However, the problems faced in IQ tests are worthy research paths for AI.

When Did AI Research Begin?

AI research began after WWII. Alan Turing was one of many that began independent development of intelligent machines. Turing’s work in AI may have been the basis for using computer programs in AI rather than simply building machines. He essentially implemented brains within machine muscle instead of just building muscle. By the end of the 1950s most AI researchers focused on programming as a result.

Does AI Aim at Human Intelligence?

AI absolutely aims at human intelligence. Since the inception of AI in the 1950s, the ultimate goal is to develop computer programs that problem solve and accomplish goals as well, or better than humans. This is certainly an ambitious goal for AI researchers, and many in the field are skeptical about reaching true human intelligence.



In 2016 there are over 1 billion websites… Less than 1/2 of 1% use chatbots. Soon ALL websites will have bots. Don’t miss out. Be a leader. Over the past 12 months Refine.ai has built out solutions for dozens of businesses. Here are two of our favorite examples:

AI Powered by

AI Powered by

A “Salesbot” is simply a Chatbot used to help increase sales. It does not matter what you perceive as a “sale” it could be a customer entering a credit card to purchase a product or service, it could be a realtor looking for a client to enter their email to get information on a property, regardless of the use case a “Salesbot” from Refine.ai can increase your sales conversions.

AI Powered by

AI Powered by

A “Supportbot” is just another word for a Chatbot built specifically to provide customer support. Whether your company sells products or services we can help you build out a supportbot that will help you to lower your costs and provide more satisfied customers. Don’t delay, now is your chance to differentiate your company from the competition.

Create your Chatbot

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Virtual Sales and Support – Live on Your Site Within 30 Days

Our team

Behind the scenes

Do you feel that hiring a full time sales team that works 24/7 who’s sole purpose in life is to provide information to YOUR customers to help them better navigate your website, order products or services and even help with questions about customer support would be of value to your business?

This is the purpose of Refine.ai.

Our team of engineers, copywriters, and AI specialists will customize a solution for your business that literally adds this “sales team” and “support team” to your arsenal. Be the leader in your field!

Choose Refine.ai and together we will increase your sales, decrease your support costs and dominate the competition!


Jared Gaeta

CEO and Founder

Growing up in Southern California Jared loves the ocean. Jared completed his Artificial Intelligence Training at Stanford University, and is a graduate of Long Beach State. He began his career as a Digital Marketing Executive with Jack9 Entertainment and was later GM of National Data Corporation.  Jared blends real world digital marketing experience with AI system development methods.


Marcela De Vivo

Director of Corporate Development

Marcela De Vivo is a search veteran who has been in the industry since 1999. Marcela draws on an deep expertise in both organic and paid search to help companies large and small grow. Her emphasis has been in creating integrated marketing strategies that include paid, organic, social, and PR to grow businesses. She is passionate about using AI to help companies improve sales and customer service.


Owen Andrew

Chief Financial Officer

Owen has worked in the Financial sector for several years now, and is our Chief Financial Officer at Refine.ai managing the financial strategy and operations of our company. He is very much commited with evaluating productivity and searching for areas of efficiency that can be developed to further enhance profitability. In his spare time, Owen loves to workout, outdoors activities and spend time with his Children.

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