10 Reasons to Use a ChatBot for Both Customer Acquisition and Retention

10 Reasons to Use a ChatBot for Both Customer Acquisition and Retention

Some people worry chatbots aren’t yet developed enough to implement in a business setting. While it’s true that chatbots have yet to reach their full potential, they’re already able to provide significant boosts to both your customer acquisition and retention. Here are ten reasons you should consider using a chatbot for your business.

1. They Don’t Take Breaks

One of a chatbot’s best features is that it’s always on the clock. It never takes sick days, vacations, or time off for emergencies. It also never sleeps. This makes chatbots especially useful to international businesses, who operate in multiple time zones.

2. They Let You Take on More Customers at Once

Your available customer service staff used to impose restrictions on how much business you could reasonably conduct—but not anymore. Chatbots allow you to handle a much higher volume of incoming calls and messages.

3. Instant Answers to Common Questions

Nothing is harder on your staff than incoming calls about easily accessible information, like hours of operation. These distractions take away from more important tasks. Chatbots on the other hand, can provide instant answers to these questions without losing focus or morale.

4. They Can Easily Suggest Products and Services

Indecision causes many failed or abandoned transactions. Customers who can’t decide on a product often leave without purchasing anything at all. Chatbots mitigate this issue by pointing customers in the direction of a product that will meet their needs.

5. They Have Flawless Product Knowledge

Even your best sales agents can forget vital details about a product or service. A chatbot, on the other hand, can be programmed to deliver all the information in your brochure to a potential new customer, word for word. This can easily entice a first-time visitor into making a purchase, and provide a lasting resource for returning customers who have questions about a product or service.

6. They Can be A Lot of Fun

People will come to your website just because your chatbot is fun to talk to—especially millennials. Program your chatbot to answer some quirky questions unrelated to your business, and you’ll gain customers just from people looking for a quick laugh.

7. They Make Engagements More Interactive

Many studies suggest that interactivity is key to retaining customers once they’ve already engaged with your brand. Consumer spending can increase by as much as 40 percent when using social media—a medium in which chatbots excel. Configure a bot for Facebook Messenger or another popular platform and see the results for yourself.

8. They Boost Efficiency

Chatbots are faster and more productive than humans when it comes to customer facing tasks; and customers love quick service. Using a chatbot can help your customers feel better taken care of, which provides a significant incentive for loyalty on their part.

9. They Make Great Use of Marketing Data

Social media provides an insane amount of raw information about your customers, and chatbots use this data to target their interests directly. No more guessing-and-checking when you’re trying to assess a customer’s needs. With chatbots, it’s a predictable science.

10. They’ll Put You Ahead of the Curve

Finally, using a chatbot for your business sends potential and returning customers a very important message; your company is paying attention to important technology trends and will stay with the times. People want modern, alert, responsive businesses; and a chatbot shows you qualify in all three areas.

Whether you’re trying to attract new customers, or ensure a higher level of repeat business, a chatbot can boost your success for many reasons. With the above in mind, your biggest decision should be how to set your bot up—and maybe what to name it!