2017 Guide to Creative Customer Acquisition Ideas Using AI

2017 Guide to Creative Customer Acquisition Ideas Using AI

Customer support and acquisition is vital to a company’s success. But just as technology has affected how consumers shop, it’s also changed the way that brands interact with consumers. Artificial intelligence has entered the scene, and it’s now being used to talk to, acquire, and keep customers. It’s a game-changer – which means you need to know how AI is being used, and how you can integrate it into your customer acquisition strategy.


Having said that, AI does serve many beneficial purposes.  One of the many examples of how artificial intelligence is being used today in customer acquisition is chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs that are capable of carrying on a conversation.  You’ve probably been using them for years without ever knowing what they were.

Brands use chatbots to quickly get information from customers during the customer support process, or in chat widget that appears on a webpage to answer customer questions in real-time. The response you get from the computer is the artificial intelligence using a chatbox to communicate back to you. This helps move potential customers further down the marketing funnel, and improve customer satisfaction.

With the more advanced technology that is available today, these “conversations” are becoming more detailed. However, it’s important to not to get overeager in collecting data, and overload customers with questions. Using artificial intelligence can seem intrusive to customers who are not aware of why you are asking for certain information. After all, no one wants to give personal information to just anyone. That’s why it is important to make sure to personalize the experience as much as possible, and only retrieve information that’s pertinent to the current interaction.


Getting information from a chatbot is certainly not the only example of using artificial intelligence to acquire customers. One example is the use of AI to give recommendations.  You’ve probably seen it on many websites.  You look up a movie or another service – possibly via a chatbot, and the artificial intelligence shows you other choices you may be interested in.

These recommendations allow the user to view more things that are similar to their first choice, which often increases their interaction with the brand, and can be used to increase chances of multiple conversions.

Preventing Fraud

With new technology comes the risk of hackers getting information.  However, with the newer uses of artificial intelligence, banks are able to get immediate information about credit and check card purchases.  If the AI deems the purchase suspicious, your card could be suspended, rendering it temporarily useless.  While it might be tedious to get your card functioning again, the ability of the artificial intelligence to catch these unusual purchases will help protect customers against fraud.  Knowing that a bank has this ability is often seen as a benefit by customers who will be thankful that their bank is looking out for them, which ensures them staying with the company.

Product Pricing

Companies also use AI to gather information.  It is sometimes difficult for humans to predict what price to give to a product.  However, with the help of artificial intelligence, companies are now able to examine the data given over several transactions.  As a result, these companies can now figure out what price works best for their product.  Being able to figure out their optimum price enables companies to sell more products, which gives them the best products.

Predicting Customer Behavior

Artificial intelligence can go beyond giving companies, and customers, the information they need.  It can also predict trends in how a customer acts.  By examining how customers contact their company, executives can use that data to communicate back, and produce more desired products based on requests in the conversation.  But, they can also create more ways for customers to contact them.  If a customer shows that they saw something on social media, that will tell executives that they need to pay attention to social media posts.  Examining how customers act, and react, to products, and services, will ensure that customers keep interacting with the company, and show more interest.

Chatbots, information referral, and analyzing data, make it easier than ever to improve the relationship between companies and their customers. With so many potential uses, it’s no wonder artificial intelligence has become one of the most powerful customer acquisition tools of 2017.