The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence Chat Bots and Rule Based Bots

The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence Chat Bots and Rule Based Bots

Technology is reshaping how nearly every industry does business. The digital era is upon us, and chat bots, in particular, are playing a large role. The bots have taken off recently and exploded onto the digital marketing scene, but their quick rise means not everyone is clear on exactly how the bots function.

As it turns out, not all bots are created equal. Two main types of chat bots exist, with each serving their own unique purpose. We’re breaking down the difference between an artificial intelligence chat bot and a rule based bot so you have the basics covered.

Battle of the Bots

So the question becomes which bots are better; artificial intelligence chat bots or ruled based bots. The answer isn’t straightforward. Both bot types have their strengths and weaknesses, with each excelling under different circumstances. Let’s take a closer look at each bot type so you can decide which bots are best for your business.

Rule Based Chat Bots

Rule based chat bots are designed to perform based on predetermined options and questions within their programmed parameters. They’re the cheapest bots to build since there’s less involved when compared to AI chat bots. Since these bots are developed relatively fast, they’re easy to deploy, integrate and generally low cost.

However, rule based bots are one-dimensional. They lack the deep learning processes artificially intelligent bots possess. This makes them unable to learn over time, provide robust analytics, and limits their ability to enhance the user experience.

Though rule-based bots are still useful if you’re performing simple tasks like informing customers or setting reminders and appointments.

Artificial Intelligence Chat Bots

When you combine chat bots and artificial intelligence what results is a bot with the capacity to learn. They become more intelligent over time as they gather information and data that’s then stored across their neural network.

If this sounds complicated, it isn’t. These deep learning processes hinge on something called Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP allows artificial intelligence bots to not only gather information, but also understand the intent of questions and human context.

Think of NLP as the brain of AI bots. The bots can do everything rule based bots can, plus make real-time decisions and provide detailed information. They’re perfect for endearing customers to your brand with recommendations tailored to specific consumer interests.

Artificial intelligence chat bots can boost sales, deliver fast customer support, serve up analytics, and overhaul your entire user experience. If you need a bot that does it all, AI chat bots are a safe bet.

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What Bot is Best for Your Business?

There are plenty of ways chat bots can benefit your brand or business. Though the most important aspect of any bot is its long-term capabilities. As many industries opt for AI chat bots to connect with consumers in a more meaningful way, it’s important not to get left behind. Start planning for your long-term chat bot strategy today to stay ahead of the competition. It’s never too early to plan for the future.