The Future of Chatbots in Social Media

The Future of Chatbots in Social Media

2.5 billion people currently use social media, and businesses want to connect with their share in a meaningful way. How are they going to do it? One way is by utilizing AI chatbots in social media. It is the future of social engagement with intelligent value for any business looking to gain more traffic from their social networks.

Did you know that social media use in the U.S. is estimated to grow to an astounding 264 million by 2021? That is a lot of potential social connections to make.

Artificial intelligence has been a trending topic this year, and the technology is only continuing to grow. Businesses are investing in AI to streamline their workflow, maximize marketing efforts, and make the most of their social networks.

In fact, Gartner predicts that AI will handle 85 percent of consumer interactions by 2020.

Integrating AI chatbots into your social media marketing strategy will certainly enhance your overall user experience. It will increase your site traffic and boost conversions as well.

How do chatbots fit into the future of your social media marketing strategy? Here are a few key social elements to consider when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Artificially Intelligent Real-Time Engagement

Staying engaged with your social followers is vital to any successful social media marketing strategy. Your audience and potential customers may be reaching out to you via social media since it is easy to access on any device, anywhere in the world.

If you or your social media manager can’t be attentive to your followers when they want to connect, you could be losing business. The good news is that there is a bot for that.

AI chatbots are certainly the future of engagement on social media. You can have your social bot chat up a new product or service, give detailed customer support, and engage in social listening to give you insight into what people are saying about your business.

Chatbots in Social Media

Chatbots are the Future of Customer Support

This is no secret. There are countless articles, podcasts, and influencer ravings, all about chatbots refining customer support. However, many businesses and brands fail to recognize the value of customer support via social media.

What started with Facebook Messenger bots has spread to a variety of other Messenger platforms, including Kik, Slack, and Twitter. There are a number of brands flocking to improve customer support on social media, and you should too.

For instance, Facebook Messenger customer support bots can:

  • Take and process orders
  • Provide a seamless user experience
  • Make product and service recommendations
  • Help users navigate your site

Easily Obtain Customer Demographics

The future of chatbots in social media also has an ease of use element that allows you to compile key information about your social audience. By being artificially intelligent and available on your audience’s preferred platform, you can offer updates based on their location.

This will build brand trust and reliability, but also offer insights into location, age, gender, and personal preferences. Think of all the information your audience shares via social media.

The future of social bots for your business is essentially the future for your overall marketing strategy as well. With all that customer information, you can segment your marketing to increase purchases.

Chatbots in Social Media

Deliver Content to Targeted Buyer Personas

Knowing your targeted buyer personas is essential to making potential customers convert. Chatbots of the future will deliver more data gathered from social media than ever before.

What can you do with all that data? You can deliver content to those buyer personas to drive them even further down your sales funnel. In fact, you can use your buyer persona data like motivational cues, habits, and hobbies to increase marketing profit by 171 percent.

This allows you to develop your social media marketing strategy, blog content, videos, social images, and more. AI Chatbots essentially deliver personalized content to your buyer personas in a way that will boost traffic, reduce bounce rate, and increase conversion rates.

Bot Powered Nurturing Campaigns

Utilizing artificially intelligent bots in your social media can make for powerful nurturing campaigns as well. Chatbots are versatile and have the ability to nurture leads in an efficient and effective way. Better than humans in some aspects.

Here are a few nurturing campaign questions to ask:

  • Do you have a reasonable goal in place for your bot?
  • How will you measure this goal?
  • What are your target market buyer personas?
  • Do you have content, or will your bots be developing content on the go?

It can take more than a handful of touch points to convert potential customers into clients. Consistent interaction with your social media audience via bots will allow you to make those touch points in a meaningful way.

Chatbots in Social Media

Facial Recognition via Facebook

The future of chatbots is bright when it comes to tech innovation, and sometimes that innovation can be used in social media indirectly. Facebook is perfecting artificial intelligence facial recognition that will allow people to tag people in images easier and faster.

This AI tool is also being tested to increase social visibility for businesses as well. Utilizing the images of places Facebook users post, the AI algorithm can push products and services offered by businesses nearby. Some bots even give discounts and release special offers too.

Chatbots in Social Media

AI Chatbot Sales Reps

When it comes to ecommerce and online sales, AI chatbots are possibly the best investment a business can make. Who wouldn’t enjoy a personalized shopping assistant that knows your style?

Sales bots are becoming an integral part of online sales growth. These chatbots know your customer’s past purchases, they know their preferences, and they can make product recommendations on the spot.

AI chatbots can help you monetize your social networks. On Facebook Messenger, customers can summon the businesses bot to help with all their shopping needs.

H&M and Spring are two companies currently having success with sales bots. Artificially intelligent sales reps can also upsell items, move online shoppers toward purchases faster, and process payments.

Maximize Your Social Media Efforts

It is just as important to get a complete view of your social media analytics, just as you would for your website. Utilizing social media for business is all about brand visibility, engagement, and providing an outlet to connect with your audience on their favorite platform.

Artificially intelligent chatbots of the future will make compiling data from all your social media accounts fast and easy. AI bots are already pretty good at delivering accurate information for you to make adjustments to your social media strategy, but it will become even more effective in the years to come.

Still, you will need to examine your bots performance through key metrics as well. If your chatbot is sales focused, you want to ensure it is a conversion optimized sales machine. If social engagement is your goal, you need to analyze the speed and accuracy of the information your customer support bot is delivering.

Are You Ready for the Next Generation of Chatbots?

There has never been a more important time to begin integrating bot technology into your social media marketing strategy. Chatbots are evolving at an unprecedented rate, and being ahead of the game will keep you ahead of your competitors in the coming years of the digital era. How will you integrate AI chatbots into your social media?