Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence Software for Small Businesses

Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence Software for Small Businesses

Artificial intelligence conjures up images of science fiction films and robots come alive. Not many people envision accounting and customer service. Though no matter how fantastic it seems, the reality is that artificial intelligence, also called AI, is already out there.

Computers are talking to customers, and bots are streamlining mundane tasks, saving time for human personnel. While these AI programs are common for big businesses, they can also really help small or medium-sized businesses succeed.

The AI Basics

AI comes in many varieties. Its applications are far reaching and cover many different facets of small business. For instance, customer service chatbots converse with potential clients and use the data they collect to customize the experience.

HR bots handle payroll and even analyze the resumes of new hires. Marketing bots can coordinate a campaign that features email, direct mail, social media, and mobile devices. All of it is customizable, business-by-business, and can save tech-savvy small businesses hours of time otherwise spent doing tedious upkeep chores.


Customer service is the main area where artificial intelligence software excels. Chatbots are designed to mimic actual conversation using algorithms that respond to certain answers. They learn based on what customers tell them and can create a truly customized experience tailor-made from the data they collect in conversation.

They’re becoming so prevalent that major social media messengers like Facebook and WhatsApp are actively pushing their development.

Building your own chatbot is simple, and an effective way to cater to customer interests. Eighty percent of consumers prefer online chatting over other forms of communication, making the bots perfect for business-to-consumer interaction.

AI in Marketing

As mobile devices gain even more users, AI can take advantage of the always available nature of smartphones. Businesses can capitalize on the five hours a day people spend on their mobile devices to increase interactions with consumers.

Marketing is evolving with this in mind. It’s more important than ever to push advertisements through mediums that translate to the small screen. Email, social media, and other marketing campaigns work well.

What’s more, all of these campaigns are controllable through artificial intelligence. AI software can manage marketing campaigns, making them near fully automated. The software can schedule the delivery of marketing information, and then collect user data to gauge interest.

AI can then serve more content to customers that showed interest, increasing your likelihood of a conversion. The more information and conversions the AI can help generate, the less money you’ll spend on your marketing efforts.

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AI Housekeeping

Small businesses don’t have the overhead of their larger counterparts. It makes menial tasks like payroll, managing accounts payable and receivable, and invoicing become a real hassle. That’s where AI comes in.

Artificial intelligence can handle all of these tasks and more. This can free up more time, and money, for other business needs like designing marketing campaigns or working face-to-face with clients.

As AI technology develops further the applications for small businesses will only grow. Though at the moment, artificial intelligence software for small businesses is more than worth implementing.

Savvy business owners can take advantage of AI to streamline their business and devote their time to larger and more complex activities. AI software is a must for any small businesses looking to modernize.