Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Chat Robot

Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Chat Robot

An increasing number of small businesses are realizing that conventional marketing practices aren’t as effective in the digital age. There are simply too many cost-effective online tools that bring better ROI. And at the forefront of these tools sit chat bots.

Chat bots give companies the ability to communicate with consumers in a human-like way, without using actual humans. Between customer service and brand engagement, the bots can revitalize your marketing.

Even if you’re running a small business, the bots are still worth your investment. An astounding 80 percent of small businesses say they’ll use chat bots by 2020. Social media is also doing its part to make chat bots accessible to small businesses, with Facebook backing a robust ecosystem of over 30,000 bots.

What’s more, Facebook also offers access to almost 2 billion users. That’s 2 billion opportunities for a chat bot to increase your customer engagement. To help you get started building your chat bot strategy, we’re breaking down why your business needs a Facebook chat robot.

Facebook Chat Robots for Customer Service

Chat robots excel in customer service for several reasons. First, chat robots don’t sleep and don’t take vacations. They’re also able to handle 24/7 interactions with multiple customers at the same time. The same isn’t possible with human customer service representatives.

Chat robots can also streamline interactions, making them more focused and to-the-point. This helps guide potential customers to a purchase faster than a conversation with another human. In fact, chat bots are estimated to save up to 4 minutes per inquiry when measured against human-staffed call centers.

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Facebook and Chat Robot Visibility

Chat robots are useful for customer service, but Facebook helps take them beyond just simple problem-solving. Where Facebook chat bots shine is how easy they are to find. In the past, chat bots existed only on web pages of the businesses that used them. This was useful only to consumers already on your site. However, Facebook allows you to reach any users already on the social platform.

Customer experience research shows the more effort someone puts into finding your product, the less consideration goes into making the purchase. This makes Facebook chat bots so valuable for their visibility. You’re giving consumers access to unlimited information about your product, making the purchase process easily accessible.

A Simplified Customer Experience

Some people worry using chat robots makes them seem “distant” from customers. However, bots are actually becoming increasingly user-friendly. In fact, Facebook chat robots can interact with customers enough to send and receive messages, images, and provide clickable buttons that simplify a consumer’s interaction. Chat bots make it easy to spread information and drive conversions.

Low Learning Curves

Facebook has taken steps to make adding a chat bot easy for businesses. New tools allow your brand to match your bot with specific social media goals, and even promote it through web plugins and analytics driven customer matching. The important thing is making sure you have a well-designed bot so you’re taking advantage of chat robots’ ever developing growth.

There’s no doubt chat bots represent an important step towards the future of digital marketing. If you start using them now, your brand can get ahead in the ever changing digital marketing world.