Why AI Makes Marketing More Personal (Not Less)

Why AI Makes Marketing More Personal (Not Less)

Artificial Intelligence, AI, or machine learning is making marketing more personal in a variety of innovative ways. AI is reinventing the way brands connect with their customers through sales and support, among other key areas.

Do you trust Netflix and Amazon recommendations? Like most consumers, you certainly do. You trust that these platforms are qualified to make recommendations, which later turn to purchasing decisions.

Guess what? Netflix and Amazon recommendations are great examples of how AI and machine learning is a valuable asset to marketing.

“In fact, Amazon has become so good at machine learning that a third of its business comes from a machine learning-powered function: recommended purchases,” says Hal Conick of the American Marketing Association.

The following puts machine learning into perspective, and how AI making marketing more personal.

AI Maximizes Marketing

AI allows machines to do tasks that would normally require intelligence if done by a human. These tasks are wide ranging and include reasoning, problem solving, seeing, talking, and even learning.

Pairing AI with marketing is still a fresh concept. However, the inception of AI can be traced to the 1950s and computer scientists Alan Turing. Turing developed the famed Turing Test that compared a computer’s ability to learn with that of a human.

Turing was certainly a key figure in the development of AI. But it was John McCarthy who coined the term “artificial intelligence” at the 1956 Dartmouth Conference. McCarthy is known as the “father of AI.”

The concept of AI has come a long way since the days of Turing and McCarthy. They would have never imagined artificial intelligence would become one of the powerful marketing tools of the 21st century.

Intelligent brands have used AI to maximize their marketing efforts, as seen in the case study of Netflix and Amazon. The intelligence isn’t simply making marketing more effective and efficient, but far more personal than the human experience.

Maximize your marketing efforts by using AI for . . .

  • Product and service recommendations
  • Content curation
  • Predictive customer support
  • Ad targeting
  • Web design
  • Price optimization
  • Customer segmentation
  • Language recognition

Improve the Brand/Customer Conversation

Inbound marketing is simply a conversation between customer and brand. AI machine learning can easily have this conversation, and it can improve it in innovative ways.

To maximize your brand’s marketing funnel, you can employ AI to streamline the process. You can compile knowledgeable data and focus on the creative content that makes a meaningful connection with your target audience.

Marketers who are supported by AI have more time to develop the human element since machine learning can automate those smaller tasks. This allows marketers to improve their overall brand message.

A powerful example of this is IBM’s Watson, a cognitive chatbot that can interpret data. This includes unstructured data as well, like audio, video, text, and images. Watson can essentially understand a user’s personality and emotion to provide personalized recommendations.

AI programs like Watson are redefining how brands grow their SME within both applications and systems. Are AI programs as intelligent as humans? Watson is competing against former Jeopardy game show contestants, and doing pretty well.

According to the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, “Tuned for the Jeopardy Challenge, Watson has begun to compete against former Jeopardy players in a series of “sparring” games. It is holding its own, winning 64 percent of the games, but has to be improved and sped up to compete favorably against the very best.”

AI Personalizes Content

Brands are always looking to personalize content in order to shine among a sea of competitors. AI machine learning is giving many brands the competitive edge when it comes to that personal touch.

Under Armour is a fantastic example of how AI maximizes marketing via personal content. Partnering with IBM’s Watson, Under Armour is able to track and analyze fitness activity and offer users of their Record app personalized fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle advice based on data.

“When it comes to digital health and fitness tracking, the past ten years have been about data collection,” explains Kevin Plank, Founder and CEO of Under Armour. “We’re now at a point where a shift is occurring and consumers are demanding more from this information.”

Combining AI with brand marketing strategies is still in its infancy. Brands will continue to see success using artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience.

When AI is applied properly, marketing certainly becomes more personal, more human, and far more powerful for brands. Are you ready to maximize your marketing efforts with AI chatbots?